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The most precious and memorable item of clothing that you will probably ever buy deserves special care, particularly if you are planning to pass it onto your daughter, or, perhaps saving et for your self.

We treat your wedding gowns with extraordinary care

Wedding Gowns Cleaning  Alteration & Preservation

Wedding Gowns Cleaning Alteration & Preservation

Our Exclusive 12-Step  Wedding Gowns Cleaning Process
  1. Checked In
  2. Inspection (Before Cleaning)
  3. Stains & Spots Removing
  4. Individually cleaned
  5. Dry Cleaning or Wet Cleaning
  6. Re-inspection (After Cleaning)
  7. Individually dried to make sure all moisture is gone
  8. Individually Hand pressed & steamed
  9. Any Repair
  10. Shaped & place on an acid-free bust form
  11. Before Boxing: We encourage our customers to inspect they wedding dress after cleaning to assure you that the gown has been properly cleaned and preserved prior to being placed in a specially designed completely acid-free box
  12. Email for pick up or Delivery

 Bridal Gown Preservation: Once your gown is clean, keeping it in the best possible condition is your goal.

                 You will need to protect it from:

  • Yellowing
  • Permanent creasing
  • Mildew and mold
  • Oxidation spots
  • Light
  • Dust
Prestige Green Touch Cleaners Preservation Veil Cleaning



Prestige  Veil Cleaning

Dry Cleaning & Wet Cleaning

Oxidation of Stains, Seen And Unseen

We Use Professional Wet Cleaning & Dry-Cleaning & Spot Cleaning method

If you're planning on keeping your wedding dress for a long time, you have to clean and preserved your wedding dress as soon as possible. Longer you wait more difficult or even sometimes impossible to remove the stains.

What you should Do;

  Your dress may have noticeable stains from food or make-up, or the hemline may be soiled. Spills from alcoholic beverages or clear soda may dry clear, but oxidize with time, turn brown and become more difficult to remove later. Body perspiration may cause the dress lining to turn brittle over time.

Your dress needs to be cleaned in order to keep it in the best condition possible.

Plastic Fumes: Gowns kept in plastic gown bags are exposed to the most harmful environment possible, plastic fumes. Most plastic gives off chemical fumes that cause the yellowing of bridal gowns.

Pre - Wedding Cleaning or Pressing

Restoration of a Vintage Gown

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