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All Your Laundry's.



Washable Garments

All Your Laundry's

We use the most advanced laundry cleaning methods and the best soaps and detergents in both our Laundry and dry cleaning processes to bring new “life” into your wardrobe. All Shirts Hand Finished Without Exceptions Laundry Or Dry Cleaning .Delivering the cleanest, brightest and hand finest Ironed shirt unlike ordinary cleaners. We do this without brushing, bleaching boiling and baking the life out of your shirts. We process shirts to your preference, either on hangers or neatly folded in bag.


Don't Worry We Are Here To Make Your Life Easier! We Will Take Care Of It For You ! Just Let Us Know

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Non Toxic  Non Odor  Non Hazardous material!

Washable Garments


Washable Household

(310) 230-2656

(310) 652-1200  Open 7 Days

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