Green Dry Cleaning



Benefits Of Professional Dry Cleaning 
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Art Of ​​
Dry Cleaning

  • ​​
We Use ​​​​ K4 Solvent: Halogen-Free, Organic Solvent Pureness Of >99%​​
  • Benefits of the K4 System:
   Excellent cleaning power for water-soluble and lipophilic stains
   No color loss on fabric
   Safe on delicate fabrics, sequins, beading
   Extended garment life
   Best cleaning for oils, fat and grease water soluble food, grass and dirt and most stains
   Keeps whites white and keeps colors vibrant
   Protection against future yellowing or discoloration of most fabric
Your garments smelling fresh

We Clean Green 
Non -Toxic
Non- Hazardous material

​​Not a hazardous substance according to CLP
Favorable classification according to GHS Biodegradable
Safe for You & Environment Smelling Fresh & Feeling Softer

Your garment smelling fresh no smelling scent and removes all odors (even smoke)
Professional Green Dry Cleaning For Your Clothing.