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Art Of Green Dry Cleaning

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Art Of Green Dry Cleaning

They are so many dry cleaners in Los Angeles area but not all the same.

 What makes Prestige Green Touch Cleaners deferent from others Cleaners?

Non-Toxic, Non- Odor,Non-Hazardous

Our extensive experience, environmentally responsible state-of-the-art dry cleaning operating plant and detailed expertise in the field of dry cleaning paying extra attention to details, inspecting each  garment be for and father cleaning to assure that we have provided the finest and the best quality job. Deferent fabric need deferent method to remove the stain, our experienced spotter using both soaking and individual stain removal techniques, many of which are proprietary. We can handle all of your clothing care needs, including the following: Silks, Satins, Taffeta Organza, Cotton & Cotton Blend, Twill, Belgian Linen, & Irish Linen, Formal Wear, Wedding Gowns, Knit Blocking, Fur, Leather & Suede.

Over 17 Years Of Servicing & More Than 6,000 Happy Customers!

(310) 230-2656

(310) 652-1200  Open 7 Days


Green Touch Cleaners

Quality You Deserve Services You Expect!