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Do Your Draperies Need Cleaning Or Repair?

When its time to clean or repairing you curtain it's important you choose an experienced and properly equipped cleaner. Correct and safe curtain cleaning requires expert knowledge as well as special custom made machinery.Our exclusive cleaning process removes dust, smoke, pollen, odors, and soil while still guaranteeing that your drapes will be returned with parallel pleats, even hems, and no shrinkage.


We also do Repairs & Alterations.

Need to store Your Drapes?

Always clean your fabrics before you store them. Make sure they are free of stains and wrinkles as these are difficult to remove after being in storage for awhile. Stains or the scent of food can attract moths, which can damage your fabrics. The best way for storing large pieces of fabric is in a box lined with white, acid-free tissue paper or white cotton sheets. Colored tissue paper may stain fabrics. If your fabrics are too large to fit in the box without folding, then just make sure that tissue paper is placed between each layer. Poke a few holes in the box, and then close it up. This will help air circulate through the box and keep moisture out.

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